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The Forex Signals Now Features Bob Iaccino And Vladimir Ribakov-Two World Famous Traders In Friendly Competition!

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Try the Forex Signals RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account. Download this highly profitable Magic BReakout Forex Strategy by Tim Trush and Julie Lavrin FREE. Get these Correlation Trading Cheatsheets FREE. Bob has a proven track record of providing top notch education and is committed to teaching his strategies to build more disciplined, educated traders. And he does all of this without any hype or BS. That’s because Bob is the real deal.. He has traded successfully for 17+ Years and additionally, he has mastered the ability to mentor others on how to trade successfully for themselves.

The Forex Signals is truly a unique Forex Signals Service and in my many years of trading, I have not seen anything close to it. I appreciate how Bob and Vladimir truly want to see their clients succeed at trading and delivering high-quality signals is just the start..

Most signals services that I have seen settle for spitting out signals generated by automated robots, and then they leave you struggling to learn how to trade successfully.Bob and Vladimir analyze the charts & predict market moves, then provide you with quality signals, all while mentoring and educating you so that you can become a professional trader and thrive in the market.

Whether you are a beginner in Forex trading or you have been trading for a while, The Forex Signals offers a comprehensive ongoing service that will suit your trading style and level, all at very reasonable rates. I love how many mediums there are for you to receive the signals & how you have 2 Forex experts with over 25 years Forex trading experience at your finger tips.

I could go on & on but to really learn why The Forex Signals is causing so much excitement, I am very excited to share with you today that The Forex Signals featuring Bob Iaccino and Vladimir Ribakov is now available to new members! Finally, there is a real signals service that has 2 trading experts that genuinely want to mentor their clients and provide high quality signals on FOREX, Precious Metals, Commodities, and Indices such as the S&P, NASDAQ, FTSE, CAC and DAX.

Plus Bob and Vladimir provide you with the exact entry level, multiple targets, stop loss and full instructions. In fact, they’ll keep you updated with the trade by SMS, Email, Metatrader, Members Area and even Signal Automation. This means you’ll get the latest signals and news anywhere anytime. To learn more about Bob Iaccino, Vladimir Ribakov, The Forex Signals, and how this signals service is truly the premier signals service, click this link;

And have I mentioned before that they have a Live Trader Chat where you can interact and learn from other members? And of course Bob and Vladimir are available and accessible virtually daily so you can communicate directly with these great traders to answer your questions! No matter what level of trading you are at, The Forex Signals offers a trading level that best fits your needs at very fair rates while ensuring superb support and training from two highly respected traders that genuinely care about your success. I highly recommend The Forex Signals and to see why I rate it so highly, visit today & see for yourself. I can’t guarantee that spots will be available as they can only provide so many memberships to ensure the highest possible services!

Get A Copy Of The Rover North Forex System That Makes 122.11% Per Month At No Cost

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Get a copy of the Rover North Forex System at no cost. Learn this powerful Fibonacci Retracement Method FREE that pulls 500+ pips per trade. Download this cutting edge Trader Swiper Software by Bob Iaccino FREE. The most recent Surefire Trading Challenge saw something rather unexpected. A graphic design artist went through the demo round and then took FIRST PLACE in the live round after DOUBLING his account! He goes by the name “Rover North”. Check out this video?We don’t want to spoil the video by telling you too much, but Rover North explains that he wouldn’t have found what he did in the charts ? if it weren’t for his background in art!

Now, as you know, Mark doesn’t put his weight behind just anything. It looks like they’ve found something truly exceptional in the Rover North system. Bounce your way down to the site and check it out. Oh, and before we forget?just for taking the time to visit, they’re such nice guys that they’re giving you a free indicator that they developed in-house. It’s a good one! You probably can’t find this anywhere else.

Also?If you leave a comment on their site, you’ll be in line to receive a copy of the Rover North system at ZERO charge (if your comment is selected of course) AND (They’re really taking no prisoners on this one!) If you spread the word about the Rover North system to 3 people, you’ll get one of the winning systems from the Surefire Trading Challenge immediately! This is going to be huge! All roads lead to Rover North?This guy just went from being a relative unknown ? to a world famous rock star in the forex world!

Mark McRae: The only way to know with absolute certainty if a trading system works or not, is to put it to the test in real market conditions. Virtually no one does this, because their systems don’t work and marketers would have nothing to sell.That’s until now…The Rover North Forex Trading System was tested on both demo and live trading accounts in full view of the public.

Login For Yourself

The Rover North Forex System beat over 1290 other traders to win one of the top trading competition. Not only that, he did it in full view of anyone who wanted to watch. That’s why he has no hesitation in allowing anyone who want to look at his accounts access to his accounts. You can login and verify his results?You will be able to see how his system performed with detailed analysis and statistics. You can also check out each and every trade that was made on his accounts during the competition.

There are too many bogus systems out there pretending to be something they are not. This sort of transparency is how it should be done. The decision is whether this is right before you, not whether it’s a scam or not. For the past 2 years, we’ve dedicated all our resources to finding the BEST trading systems in the world. We’ve made it our mission to put these trading systems in the hands of the traders that need them the most!

STOP….. Apple Ipad…Read on..The Rover North Forex System is the winner of our most gruelling competition ever. To celebrate the release, we are going to award complimentary copies of the system plus an Apple Ipad to the person who makes the best comment?Have you every seen another Forex system that actively encouraged people to examine their trading account and gave you their investor password? This is the real deal.

Full statements of results and detailed analysis on the performance of the Rover North Forex System are available?You will also find the investor passwords for both the demo and live account of the Rover North System there. Remember, if you want the Apple Ipad, go here?

Some Truth About Best Forex Brokers, May Be Your Broker Is A Bogus ‘top Forex Broker’…

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Anyone knows any top forex broker?

Not all of the so called best forex brokers will reveal their genuine face to the traders. Few forex brokers will be authentic but alas most are certainly not what they say or look. Aiming to find one of the best forex broker? Then you definitely need to learn some shocking truth about some top forex brokers who capitalize on innocent traders’ ignorance.

Traders along with brokers are in business for making profit. Whether dealing desk or non dealing desk (just labels as far as few forex brokers are concerned) don’t trust anybody just because they bear a tag as a top forex broker. Dealing desk environment is actually a drawback on average traders perspective, which only a handful of forex traders know. Did you even know that some dealing desk brokers might even trade against your positions?

High quality non dealing desk foreign exchange brokers are the only solution. A better way of doing it, locate authentic non dealing desk brokers. Well its not as easy it might seem. But at least ECN forex brokers have some features that other brokers don’t have. One of the drawbacks is ECN forex brokers could possibly not support smaller accounts. Without exceptions ‘micro or even ‘standard’ accounts may well be off the circle of genuine ECN accounts. Did you need a genuine ECN forex broker? Right, low minimum deposits are not a choice.

Ever heard of forex brokers sending fake spikes or dips in trade? Well they are certainly not lies. This can be along side buying and selling against the position of unsuspecting traders. Why do forex brokers do this is kind of apparent. But the bad news will be the average trader will not know that this is happenning perhaps even deliberately conducted by their trusted, so called best forex broker.

Forex is the only fiscal marketplace in the world that has no principal body to control rates and tick data, And its the as much as 40 times larger in comparison with NYSE. Can you imagine the potential of getting robbed by these self labelled top forex brokers? Yes there are nation specific regulatories controlling who can deal as brokers in their borders. But the internet has no boundaries and the average consumer is oblivious to such regulatories pertaining to their place of origin. Now do you still consider your agent is best forex dealer you could ever choose? Think again.

Expert and novice traders too need to spend some time researching to find top forex brokers to trade with. Failing to take action will result in utter collapse. Its sad but real. Technically speaking there are no such entities as best forex brokers.

Bloggers who are trying to find more information about the sphere of forex trading, then go to the website that was quoted in this line.

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The Forex Signals Not Only Provides Low-risk/high-return FOREX Signals, But Also Signals On Gold, Silver, Oil, Commodities, And Indices Like The Popular S&P, Nasdaq & FTSE

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Try the Forex Signals RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account. Master these highly profitable Candlestick Patterns with this FREE 82 page Candlestick Guide. Download these 3 Swing Trading Systems FREE. Be the 1%…I am truly amazed by all of the great emails I have received from my followers that have recently joined The Forex Signals and decided to be part of their mastermind group! So what the heck is a mastermind? Well.. A Mastermind is the secret key to wealth, power and influence used by the elite throughout the centuries, and now, you can be part of their very own trading mastermind. So don’t you think you owe yourself a favor to check out the signals service that is creating so much waves and see for yourself?

And don’t let the name fool you.. The Forex Signals not only provides low-risk/high-return FOREX signals, but also signals on Gold, Silver, Oil, Commodities, and Indices like the popular S&P, Nasdaq & FTSE.You’ll receive signals 24/5 via Email, SMS, Members Area, MT4 Alerts and our very own Signal Automation.

And by joining, you also get to become part of their mastermind group instantly which means you’re going to get much much more than signals.. I’m talking about a complete service unlike anything you’ve seen. So go ahead! Be the 1% trader that everyone aspires to be. And with their “no trader left behind” philosophy, this may be your very best chance to finally succeed trading FOREX?go it alone or hunt with the pack – its your choice?

Members have been raving about Bob and Vladimir with great testimonials on how The Forex Signals has turned them into better traders already! Most people didn’t expect training workshops where they could actually see Bob and Vladimir’s charts and ask them questions Live! If you haven’t heard what The Forex Signals is all about, I suggest you check it out now before they close it to new memberships;

The Forex Signals is made up of 2 Forex Trading Experts; Bob Iaccino and Vladimir Ribakov. Bob has 17+ years trading experience in the Chicago Pits, Bank Trading Rooms, and Hedge Funds. Vladimir has 8+ years trading experience and has a honest, no BS approach to trading and teaching. Well… these 2 Master Traders teamed up to create the ultimate Forex Signals service, aptly called, The Forex Signals. But here’s the thing.. this signals service is unlike any Forex Signals Service currently in the marketplace. Think of it as trading on steroids!!

The Forex Signals focus is not just on signals…Its equally about educating and mentoring traders to ensure that traders not only succeed, but become independent, not needing to rely on anyone but themselves to secure their own financial independence with Forex trading as a genuine income stream. The Forex Signals offers a variety of different membership levels that go hand in hand with the level of trading that you are at, regardless of whether you are a junior trader or a veteran.

As well as a comprehensive members area, the service delivers vital information to members via Email, SMS, MetaTrader and Signal Automation Software.. This means you get the latest signals virtually anywhere anytime.. And all while interacting with other members and learning from a community of like-minded traders that share the same goals. Did I mention they also give you signals on Metals, Commodities, the S&P, NASDAQ & FTSE!

Rover North Forex System

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Try the Rover North Forex System RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account. Download these 3 Swing Trading Systems FREE. Learn this powerful Fibonacci Retracement Method FREE that pulls 500+ pips per trade. The word is that this system is so powerful and so easy to use?.so EASY to learn?it’s going to make trading more accessible than any system before it! Maybe it’s too early to tell, but I think Mark and his Surefire Trading Challenge Team have discovered another great trader! And believe me, this isn’t the first time! They’ve been running this competition for a VERY long time now and some really big names have come out of it.

The name of the game is TRANSPARENCY?and that’s why we’re getting this level of proof today! It wasn’t hard to dig up this proof because if you’ve been monitoring the contest all this time, it was all available right from the very beginning. Check it out, trade for trade. This is REAL! If you missed any of the complimentary items from yesterday, you can still get the indicator and the winning system from SFTC V3 ? AS WELL as your chance to the win the Apple IPAD and a copy of Rover North ? right here:

Yesterday you saw the story of Rover North, but today?you’re going to see exactly how Rover North decimated the competition and took home the prize?check this out: The Surefire Trading Challenge has always been the most transparent trading competition in the business, but this time they’ve gone above and beyond the call of proof! Everyone knows by now that Account Investor Password Access is the pinnacle of Forex Proof!

But the amount of data that these guys are throwing at us is just unprecedented! Rover North is already being touted as the easiest, most consistent and profitable system that traders have seen in years! Today you’re getting:

** Account Investor Password Access for Rover North’s demo round

** Account Investor Password Access for Rover North’s LIVE round

** Demo Round Equity Curve and Account Statement

** LIVE Round Equity Curve and Account Statement


You can see the Leader Board for both rounds to see where Rover North placed in relation to the other contestants. If you take a look at the Leader Board for the Live round, you’ll see that Rover North left everyone in the dust by the time it was over.

Like we said, Mark has always had a talent for finding these guys! This is the most transparent trading environment you’ll ever see because NO ONE does it like the SFTC team! In fact, look at the guys qualifying for the live round?see where their demo accounts ended and then look at where their live accounts ended. If you wanted to make things look good, you’d doctor that Leader Board?but what you’re seeing is exactly the way it went down. 100%…By the way, you can still get all the stuff that was available yesterday if you haven’t grabbed them yet. There’s something big coming up tomorrow – stay tuned!

The Morning Star And The Three White Soldiers Candlestick Patterns

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Master these highly profitable Candlestick Patterns with this 82 page FREE Candlestick Guide. Watch this shocking 24 minutes FREE Presentation on the Forex Profit Multiplier Method that takes only 60 seconds to find high probability trades on the 6 major pairs and can be repeated multiple times a day whenever you got a few minutes. It made 384+ pips in 12 hrs. Download this highly profitable Magic Breakout Forex Strategy by Tim Trush and Julie Lavrin FREE.

Three stick candlestick patterns are more complicated than the single stick and two stick patterns. These patterns take three days to emerge as a valid signal. One such three stick candlestick trend reversal patterns is the Morning Star. However, a Morning Star and the Bullish Doji Star look almost the same but are in fact two different three stick candlestick patterns. You need to know how to distinguish between them.

In case of the Morning Star and the Bullish Doji Star Patterns, the first day is a large bearish candle, the second day in case of the Doji Star Pattern is a True Doji while in case of the Morning Star it is almost a Doji. The price action behind these two patterns is almost the same.

The first day is a down day with a large bearish candle forming as happens in a downtrend. The second day starts with a gap opening indicating that bears are still in action and are continuing to push the prices down. For the rest of the day, there is a tight contest between the bulls and bears and the open and the close price are almost the same. The third day is extremely bullish with the bulls pushing the prices up regaining the lost ground on the last two days. When either these two patterns appear on the chart, it means a trend reversal.

The other important bullish trend reversal three stick candlestick pattern is the Three White Soldiers Pattern. This pattern includes three bullish candles in a row. When you spot this pattern in a downtrend, it means a quick trend reversal.

In order to identify the Three White Soldiers, look for three consecutive up days in a downtrend. Now, if the open, close, high and low of the second day are higher than those of the first days and the open, close, high and low of the third day are higher than those of the second day, you have spotted a true Three White Soldiers Pattern.

The price action that forms this pattern is often dramatic and indicates a quick trend reversal. The appearance of this patterns means that the bulls have been in total control of the market for three consecutive day. The Three White Soldiers is considered to be a pretty strong trend reversal pattern. It is always a good strategy to put the stop at the low of the Three White Soldiers pattern second day. This way, if there is some retracement after the new uptrend, you don’t get out of the trade soon.

Important Recommendations About The Methods To Organize CFD Trade

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When you decide to get some good profits with the help of CDF trading, definitely you have to know how to trade them. Typically CFD is an acronym for contract for difference. In the following post we are going to tell you some peculiarities of the process of CFDs.

Have you ever heard that there is often confusion about who owns the shares when trading in the derivative of CFDs? Actually the owner of the shares can be either the stock broker or brokerage firm. You should know that when trading CFD you are actually doing something which is called a swap trade. In this situation, the swap trade means that you are swapping the actual physical stock for a contract. Despite the fact that, using this type of trading you can gain one hundred percent profits in case you won, but you do not own the stock you are dealing with.

Another important detail you should know when trading CFDs is that the opened long CFD positions, give you the chance to get income dividends. It?s beneficial that with the help of this strategy you can receive dividends up to 90% of the pip. However to make this real the position should be still held when the stock goes ‘ex-dividend’ (XD).

Still, you should bear it in mind that not all CFD trading positions will generate dividends. And it?s important get to know all this peculiarities before starting your CFD trading. Today you can receive this information from different sources. For example these may be either information from the Internet, or some on-line courses, you can also get all the necessary info from your broker.

As well, you need to understand your CFDs broker can either credit your cash account or withdraw cash from your account. This depends upon the fact whether the positions are long or short. Moreover, any experienced CFD trader, will tell you that the dividends which are earned or lost in this derivative are not the most important fact about this trade. In fact, when the shares earn dividends it is more about the investment, alternatively when you are opening positions with CFD you are speculating.

All in all, I want to admit that CFD is an interesting and profitable method of trading. Nonetheless, as in any business, in CFD you need to be really educated in what you are doing. This suggests that, being successful in CFD trading doesn?t mean being lucky. No. Typically, only the understanding of the main processes that take place in the course of trading, can make you successful CFD trader. That?s the cause why before becoming a financial trader, you?d better get to know as much information relating CFD trading as possible.

What Markets IC Markets The Best For Forex In Australia

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I have been dealing in forex for more than eleven years, I originally started trading back in 1999 when there were only a couple of forex companies in Australia, as many of these brokers were quite new and not familiar with managing active investors like myself I was forced to search for a company offshore. After a great deal of searching I was able to locate a broker in Switzerland that could cater for high volume traders. It?s only been in the last 6 months that I once again began my search for a decent local Australian forex company and what I found was astounding to say the least.

After a couple of days scouring the internet I noticed that the forex landscape has changed dramatically, there is allot more choice than there use to be. Previously there we only really 2 major forex providers and both of them were market makers, not surprisingly the days of forex trading desks is over, the majority of providers now offer straight through processing a few of the top tier providers even have an ECN forex product offering.

I downloaded quite a few trading platforms, when I say a few I mean my monitor was covered with shortcuts to nearly every single platform available. Some trading platforms offered by brokers were online, although online trading platforms might at first appear simpler to use as no software needs to be downloaded they often lack the highly developed charting functionality of downloadable platforms and as a professional trader I can tell you that good quality charting is vital.

After road testing all of the online trading platforms that I had installed I found that the majority of them were probably not suitable for professional investors. The spreads on most of the trading platforms widened dramatically over news periods, although this isn’t uncommon as this is often when the market is the most unstable, I really didn’t expect the spread in EUR/USD to blow out by thirty five pips. A few of the broker platforms had fixed spreads, however I actually noticed a worse problem with these guys, their prices simply froze and I could not place any trades or get out of my open positions, in actual fact on two occasions the trading platforms simply crashed.

Of every one of the forex trading platforms that I trialled two were in fact ECN?s or electronic communication networks. An ECN is actually a mini marketplace where the forex company makes it possible for numerous banks to quote prices flowing into their trading platform. ECN brokers frequently have very tight spreads and far more transparent pricing than fixed spread providers and market makers. When trading with an ECN provider you will also find that your spreads won?t dramatically widen over news periods, the main reason for this is that with a lot of banks participating in the price formation it is expected that there will be buyers and sellers even in market instability.

Naturally as a professional trader my favored preference is an ECN forex broker, out of the two that I found in Australia I discovered that only one of them consistently had tighter spreads than the other on all the key forex pairs. I would say that it’s because they probably have more liquidity providers providing them with prices.

To cut a long story short I ended up picking IC Markets, it actually wasn?t a tough choice as these guys were the only company that could offer me consistently tight spreads even throughout news announcements in addition to a stable trading platform. So far so good, I have been dealing with them for about 3 months now and have had no troubles. As their spreads stay tight over the news I have had many more trading possibilities than I would have had with the other providers. If you?re in the marketplace for a trustworthy forex provider who is an ECN and can offer razor sharp spreads I can unquestionably say that form my experience IC Markets is one of the best out there.

Heikin Ashi And Stochastic Divergence System FREE Download

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Download the Copy Paste Pips Mega Trend System FREE that makes $4,983 per day. Watch these Forex Trader PRO shocking videos FREE that show a total block head making 10 out of 10 winning trades followed by another 8 out of 8 winning trades using a new forex trading system. First triple, your Forex Demo Account twice in a row,only then trade live. Rob Colmer is a 12 year veteran forex trader and for a very limited time, he’s decided to give away his Forex Megatrend system valued at $497 ? for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! This isn’t going to be available for very long, so I highly recommend that you go there right now and pick up your copy. On top of that, he’s thrown in a special report on Heikin Ashi and a system on Stochastic Divergence. Not a bad haul right? Like I said, the page is coming down soon, so get it right this minute!

The Megatrend system isn’t some hastily thrown together marketing trick either, it comes with 3 indicators, a template and a manual? so this is a REAL system. I haven’t played with it yet because I only just downloaded it myself, but it looks quite promising. There’s also a bunch of other stuff on his download page, check it out?He’s got a nice video where he answers questions that he’s received from the visitors to his site. You can get to know a little more about Rob and how he trades. You can even pick up a tip or two if you listen closely.

AND There’s a also a video of him logging in to one of his own live trading accounts to show you some of his results. It certainly looks like this guy knows what he’s doing. Rob is going to be releasing a signal service soon, looks like this might be a good one. I’ll keep you posted.

This may just be the easiest forex system I’ve ever seen — and it’s FREE: In fact, it’s *so easy* this guy Robert Colmer is GIVING it away ? because he’s afraid other traders wouldn’t believe it’s possible to make $4,983 (fast) with something so drop-dead easy to use. Robert calls this new system ?the answer? to all the hyped-up earning claims shady marketers and fake “gurus” make every day. This guy?s not a marketer, he?s a 12 year forex veteran!

So to get the word out… he’s betting he can get a whole bunch of people to download the system… make some fast profits… … and email him their comments! The best proof is seeing it in action for yourself. So even though I still think Robert’s crazy for doing this, the software’s free to download as long as this page stays live?As soon as he’s got some positive feedback (and I think that’s probably going to be a matter of HOURS, not days…) I wouldn’t expect him to keep this offer up. So make sureyou grab your copy right away.

There’s a new player in town and his name is Rob Colmer! We just received an invite to check out some of the stuff that he’s giving away and we thought you’d like it ?It’s a nice little system and comes with 3 indicators, a template and a manual that explains how everything works. He’s also thrown in a really nice report on Heikin Ashi along with his own Stochastic Divergence system. Pretty impressive don’t you think?

It’s got to make you a little suspicious that someone could be that nice just out of the goodness of their heart. But we just downloaded everything ourselves ?there’s no catch!There’s even more stuff on his download page! He’s got a video of him logging in to a live trading account so that you can see the results that he’s been getting with his trading system?

AND?He’s got a nice Q&A video where he answers some of the questions that he’s been getting from visitors to his page. All in all – quite a nice package – especially since you don’t have to pay a cent for it! He says this stuff isn’t going to be available for long though, so hurry on over and grab it while you can! Rob’s going to be releasing a signal service soon, so if you like what you see today – you’ll want to keep your ear to the ground for that. But, we’ll let you know when it’s available.

Forex Growth Bot Review – It Turned $250 Into $1,640 In 3 Months Giving 556% NET PROFIT

January 20th, 2011 No comments

Try Forex Growth Bot RISK FREE for 60 days! Discover a Forex Robot that has made 3,400% NET PROFIT since it started trading live from 1st Jan 2009 and download the Forex Auto Detector Software FREE that can increase the profitability of any forex robot by 53% and more. Get this Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots Special Report FREE that shows how to make $20-50K per month with your forex robots. Forex Growth Bot took a $250 deposit and turned that into $1,640.36 in just 3 months. That’s a 556% profit. The best features of this forex robot are low drawdowns, low lot sizes and low risk and high reward trades. This robot has been designed by a Russian mathematician with a lot of attention on the risk and money management.

There are many EAs in the market now. Each EA has been developed with a core trading strategy. What is more important in trading? A Killer trading strategy or a solid capital management system. With experience, you will learn that instead of a killer trading strategy what is more important in the long run is a solid risk and money management system that can protect your capital from being wiped out.

Many traders learn this the hard way. You will be surprised to find out that there are forex robots that trade without having a stop loss. Can you imagine trading without a stop loss? It’s suicidal. You can get wiped out by the market instantly. But there are forex robot developers who have developed EAs that scalp without any stop loss. What you should look for is a smooth equity curve. If a robot makes an equity curve with a lots of bumps that means this robot has got a large drawdown and you should avoid trading with it. A smooth equity curve is only possible if the robot is trading with a low drawdown.

There are robots that use Martingale Strategies. You know what this is pure gambling. Martingale is a favored strategy used by gamblers when they double the bet each time they lose. But this is not trading. There is a difference between trading and gambling. Trading involves managing your risk first and then letting your account compound slow and steady over time. This is exactly what Forex Growth Bot does! Forex Growth Bot is a low risk robot.

Now this Forex Growth Bot has been developed with the strategy of only trading when the risk to reward ratio is good. In addition it used tight stop losses that wave within small bands in order to protect profits. Whatever, there is a 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee on the Forex Growth Bot. You can test it RISK FREE on your demo account for 60 days. If it doesn’t work, simply go for a refund! Good Luck!