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Sublime Forex Champions, The Red Phoenix And The Green Dragon Trading Systems

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Get these Correlation Trading Cheatsheets FREE plus this highly profitable Magic Breakout Forex Strategy by Tim Trush and Julie Lavrine FREE. Download this Sublime Forex Multi Indicator Scanner FREE that tells the market direction of any currency pair on 8 different timeframes FREE. THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM. You’re gonna love GD. I have no doubt about it. It’s a total “game changer”. And that’s not my words either. That’s what my private clients are saying. If you haven’t read my last post, you should. Here it is:

GD doesn’t use “normal” technical analysis. It operates on a deeper — much deeper level.Focusing on the CORE of what’s actually driving the markets. I call it THE CORE EMOTION FACTOR. And I built 2 indicators around this “core”


February 14 (I rock at picking date, right?), I put it to the test.

>> $10,000 account trading EUR/USD would have handed you a gain of $14,214.

>> USD/CAD would have made you $15,738 richer.

>> EUR/JPY would have made your brokerage account $17,059 fatter and…

>> That same $10,000 trading Gold or S&P500 index would have given you healthy gains of $16,340 and $18,912 respectively…

Re-read the last paragraph one more time. In it buried an important point. I’ll leave this point for later.

———— DISCLAIMER —————-

I know. I know. Stats & facts are boring. But it’s important. Because it separates the STRAIGHT-SHOOTERS from the LIARS.They fear the spotlight. They fear scrutiny. I don’t. I love transparency.

———– /DISCLAIMER —————

What makes it possible to achieve these results? Because we concentrate on the MOST basic force that moves a currency price.Then we built our indicators based on this universal principle. But… here’s the thing: EMOTION ENTRY #1 and #2 are NOT working independently.

ENTRY #1 monitors PEOPLE’S EMOTIONS on a larger scale….while ENTRY #2 keeps track of market participants’ sentiments in the shorter term. That means: When BOTH ENTRY indicators are in alignment, there’s a pretty high chance that we correct predict the market’s direction.

AND HOW FAR IT WILL MOVE. This is something that – to the best of my knowledge -has never been done before. And it shot GD to position #2… surpassing hundreds other systems of ours in live trading. But you need to know this:

Our EMOTION-BASED ENTRY indicators are designed to track extremes in either bullish or bearish sentiment as signals of trend reversal. And therefore operates as contrarian indicators. This has an upside and a downside: The downside is: Since it strives to track reversals and capture as much as possible of the entire imminent trend… there ARE occasional false signals.

When that happens, you’ll LOSE MONEY. Here’s the truth: 70.1% of the time, the signal is authentic. And when that happens, you’ll WIN MONEY. And because unlike others we are not trying to capture some pathetic 30% – 40% of the move, but almost the entire trend. WE AIM BIG. Not some small chunk. Big profits… like 1000, 1500, 2000-pip moves. That’s the UPSIDE.

( ——— CONFESSION ————– )

By most standards, 70.1% accuracy would be considered good, even great… especially when we aim to extract profit from at least 85% of the full move.

BUT NOT BY OUR STANDARD. We were not satisfied, yet. Because we knew that if we could find a way to eliminate this “false-positives” constraint……we’d move beyond the realm of GREAT.

( ——— /CONFESSION ———— )

GD won’t be available to everybody. And it’s the only way to purchase access to GD.GD is not cheap. But the price is not $997 like Sublime Champions. Or $397 like Red Phoenix. It will be lower. I should shop. It’s already started to sound like a hard pitch for GD. My apology. Let’s get back to our story…

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