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Forex Profit Multiplier FPM Trade Alert Custom Software Makes 627 Pips In Just 1 Day!

Watch these amazing Forex Profit Multiplier FPM Trade Alert Custom Software Presentation just now. Download the famous Turtle Trading Rules FREE. Get these 3 Swing Trading Systems FREE.627 pips in 1 day?! If you’re still “on the fence” about Bill Poulos’s Forex Profit Multiplier trade alert software, you may want to get off it and get in on the action, because you’re missing out on a LOT. Bill already published a video last week showing how 4 out of 4 trade alerts that triggered all turned a profit. Well, his program has continued to “siphon” profit potential out of the 6 major Forex pairs all week long…AND, he just recorded ANOTHER short video update that shows how his software caught the dollar rally on October 19th, which turned into:

* 627 pips in 1 day. For real. No kidding.

* 5 out of 5 trades that triggered turned a profit.

* 1 trade alert did NOT trigger (thus, no trade).

It’s not always going to be THIS perfect – you may do worse, and you may do better – but it sure seems like it HAS been perfect lately. Bill is one of the most “transparent” Forex educators I know, meaning that he hides nothing from you, so you know exactly what he does when it comes to his programs, and I think that’s PRICELESS. After you watch the video, hit the blue button on the side of the page to DOWNLOAD his trade alert software RIGHT NOW. Enjoy the update! Bill also just got this message from one of his new students. Again, you may do worse, you may do better – but check out what this guy did before he even got the course!

Patrick ——— Posted on: Oct 19 2010 10:23 AM
Good Morning Bill,
I just want to say thanks for the new program Forex Profit Multiplier. Last night I downloaded the software and without knowing the new system yet I took two positions. A sale on the EUR/USD and a buy on USD/CAD. BOTH MADE IT TWO THE SECOND TARGET I MADE 175 PIPS WITHOUT KNOWING ANY OF THE PARAMETERS!

I can’t wait to see the complete package!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, you could probably have already paid for the cost of Bill’s course with these trades. “GRILL BILL” about the Forex Profit Multiplier LIVE… LIVE Forex Profit Multiplier webinar announced…I understand that some of you may still have questions about 35+ year trading expert Bill Poulos’s brand new Forex Profit Multiplier program that was just released on Tuesday. Well, I’m glad to announce that Bill is going to be holding 3 special webinars, starting TONIGHT at 9pm Eastern, where you can:

* GRILL BILL about the Forex Profit Multiplier!

He’ll pull up the trade alert software so you can see it LIVE. You can ask him any questions you want and he’ll answer as many as time allows. He’s doing one on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! Attendance to each webinar will be limited, so if you’re interested, make sure you register ASAP here: I hope this private session that gets you “up close & personal” with Bill is useful to you. If you already know you’re ready to download Bill’s custom intelligent trade alert software, you can access the short presentation that reveals how to get your hands on it RIGHT NOW!

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