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10K To 1MM Trading Formula By Henry Liu Can Turn Your $10K Into $1M In 1 Year!

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Wednesday December 1, 2010
[4:30am NY Time]
Manufacturing PMI is a leading indicator and it’s usually released during early month. Traders pay attention to this release for urprises as this survey may help to shape the general trend of the market. Here is the forecast:


The Trade Plan
We are looking for a tradable deviation (or the difference between the forecast figure and the actual release figure) of around 2.0, and because this is a leading indicator and its impact may hint that the future trend of other economic indicators (such as inventory, employment, retail sales, etc..) , therefore market should react to this release with volatility if we get our deviation. We will be looking to BUY GBP/USD if we get a 57.0 or better, or looking to SELL GBP/USD if we get a 53.0 or worse, we’ll be using the Retracement Trading Method to trade this release.

[8:15am NY Time]
ADP or Automatic Data Processing (NASDAQ:ADP) is releasing it’s own estimate for the private sectors of NFP (Nonfarm Payroll). This is high impact release and it’s followed by currency traders as they look for hints on Friday’s NFP official release. Here’s the forecast:
8:15am NY Time US ADP NFP Change Forecast 70K Previous 43K


The Trade Plan
As stated in previous analyses on ADP NFP news, I usually don’t trade it but I use this release for future trend references, but if the deviation of 50K is actually hit, market will probably have not problem pushing it, and this will undoubtedly change market perception for Friday’s NFP release; therefore it is best to be around your computer during the release time rather than finding out what happened hours later and perhaps missed the entire movement.

With the above being said, we’ll be looking for a deviation of 50K, so if we get 120K or better release, I’d be looking to BUY USD/JPY; if we get a 20K or worse, then I’d be looking to BUY GBPUSD… I will also recommend to look at my strength meter and find the best currency against the USD pending the actual data. In the event that we do get our deviation, we’ll be trading this news based on after-news Retracement Trading Method!

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