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Forex Fractal Custom Breakout Indicator By Don Steinitz Recent Testimonials

Try the Forex Fractal Breakout Indicator by Don Steinitz RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account. Download this highly profitable Magic Breakout Forex Strategy by Tim Trush and Julie Lavrin FREE. Get this Forex Trading System FREE that makes 2,956.5% PM. Forex Fractal Breakout Indicator Interesting Recent Testimonial?Don Steinitz: Greetings! Every so often I like to submit some recent testimonials. This isjust a small sample of what I receive almost on a daily basis. Unedited except for personal information. Enjoy :-)
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Joel Leitson
E-Mail: Joelll@XXXX
Phone: 786 704 XXXX
Reason: Other
Message: Forget my last email, I will do it own my own but, thanks if you were considering doing it.
I signed up for a FXDD (66705745)trial account and was wanting you to hookup your Fractal Breakout software for me. I’m going to work 24/6 till I get it right. Thank you for developing such an awesome product…..Joel
Name: alan hensley
E-Mail: ursamajor13@mail.XXX
Phone: 704-861-XXXX
Reason: Requesting software to be re-sent
Message: hey don, can you send me the pterodactyl zip, so i can load on my laptop. 5000 into 8228 in 32 trading days. killer! thanks,
Fr??n: Don Steinitz [mailto:steinitz@cox.net]

Skickat: den 9 juli 2010 18:15
Till: Christer Vipperman
??mne: Re: Webinar millioner
Hi Don
Today on Non farm I succeed better and last month, I donĀ“t double my account but I took two trades, one trade on red arrow five minutes before news and when the trade bounce upp on fibonacci 0,318% I took second trade. I trade everything on fractal breakout indicator on 5 min chart. 360 euro in profit.Thanks Don for a good webinar on a non farm news.
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Alan Hensley
E-Mail: ursamajor13@xxxx.com
Reason: Other
Message: Hey don, i am having hell getting my u.s. account set up. By any chance what is dan’s last name??? they have 3 dans! also, when I get my u.s. account set up. i will send money to have you set up my ea’s. i am just clueless.
Only thing i know is, i use pterodactyl, fractal indicator and channel sar. turned 19,000 into 36,000, in a little under two months! so, i don’t wanna f**k up and do something wrong, kinda worth 75 bucks. let you know as soon as i get account all square.
Got a few questions , but you are pretty ok over the phone while setting up ea’s. nothing big. oh , just for fun, ran your pterodactyl and channel sar VS. bulletproof and bulletproof high voltage. percentage wise in winners, bulletproof won, money -wise,,,, it was a f**king bloodbath. can’t win if you ain’t in. damn thing traded 8 times to your 56. anyway, let you know when my account is set up correctly.
If this three headed monster does with 39 what it did with 19,,, I promise, i will send you and your wife on a cruise to anywhere. hell, my 60 year old mother had started wiggling the mouse to see where I was at. ha ha. let you know. keep up the cause. and thanx for giving a little back. without dudes like you, the big boys would have everything. peace out and good job. alan
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Brenda Rector
E-Mail: brenda.rector@xxxxx.net
Phone: 714-420-XXXX
Reason: Other
Message: Hey Don,
I wanted to ask your advise on what you think would be the best product of yours to start with concidering i work about 10 hours per day.
I am TOTALLY READY to get out of my industry and trade full time. I have finally built up some money to be able to trade and it is now or never.
I was going to start with the fractal breakout because my mom, Jennie Williams, has been using if for a year or so and she is killing it. She hit over 1000 pips last month by the 15th and have been consistantly doing about 1000 pips per month. My challenge is when I get home after working all day, my brain is pretty foggy and don?t think that is the best way to be placing trades.
So in your opinion, what is the best way for me to make the transision? I am hoping to leave in February but need to get 2-3 months behind me of success.
Thanks, Brenda

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