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News Trading Strategy By Dustin Pass That Can Make Hundreds Of Pips In Only A Few Minutes With Minimal Risk!

November 14th, 2010 No comments

Download the Oracle Trader News Trading Software plus this News Trading Report FREE. Get these Forex Scalping Cheatsheets by Jason Fielder FREE. Jason Fielder: If someone offered to mentor you on a trading strategy that consistently produces pip gains of 40-150 pips about 100 times per year, with only the rare, small loss, but they $30,000 for the mentoring, would you do it?…Probably not, because even though the reward is high, the cash outlay is high too! But what if they offered to do it for free? I think you?d have to be nuts to decline. If you agree, click this link now because free mentoring is available this Thursday?Here?s what we’re doing…

Dustin Pass, the best news trader on the planet, and the guy that has single handedly invented a whole new category of trading, tomorrow is going hold a webinar that reveals his amazing news trading strategy to predict market direction and get you into trades before the market spikes! Normally I don’t advise trading news…But this is the strategy I emailed you about yesterday, the one that has an ASTOUNDING FIVE YEAR track record of incredible gains, with RARE LOSSES.

Of course, losses are a part of possible but rare when you can predict market direction, and that’s what you’re going to learn. Prepare to drool over this strategy, which is so elegantly simple you?re going to kick yourself for not coming up with it yourself!
Here?s what I love about this strategy:

1. It takes only a few minutes a day to trade on major news release days.
2. The upside reward potential is higher than any other type of trading
3. The risk is minimal, relative to other trading strategies
4. He provides live guidance, letting you watch him live on every major news trade
5. You don?t have to know a darn thing about technical analysis to do it
6. It has a track record with fully documented proof that is already entered into the public record.
7. The initial investment required is extremely low.

I know that?s a lot of benefits, so maybe you?re skeptical, I was at first, too. But like I said yesterday, after looking into Dustin’s strategy and results that speak for themselves, all I can say this webinar is a ‘must see’ without a doubt. Hit this link ASAP to lock in your webinar seat for free as we have to cap the number of seats and they are almost gone. Just do it now ? you?ve got nothing to lose and a whole new world of trading to explore. You will be a better trader for having attended, no doubt about that. Make the time, you won?t regret it – no way! Be there on Thursday, then let me know what you think.

Trading The Canadian Employment Figures With Dustin Pass

November 13th, 2010 No comments

Download the Forex Bully Multiplier Indicator and the Identifier Indicator by Steve Hoftland FREE. Learn this powerful Fibonacci Retracement method FREE that pulls 500+ pips. Download the Oracle Trader Software FREE. Dustin Pass: You may have wanted to register for OracleTrader, but didn’t because of the cost (understandable given the current economy)?That’s why I think you’re going to like this: After much consideration, I’ve made a decision to do something unprecedented, and directed my staff to create a very limited number (just 50) slots for OracleTrader without the $2,770 activation fee – on a month-to-month basis. That way people can try it out without a major investment.

This is NOT open to the general public and only about one in twenty traders on my list are getting this email. It’s like a GOLDEN TICKET so don’t waste it. Take advantage of this fast because it’s not coming back around again and there are only 50 slots. Here’s the link to use:

Here’s how it’s going to work: The first two months are just under $250, with an initial payment of $499 which covers BOTH months. After that, it’s just the normal $369 per month subscription, which you can pay from your trading profits. That is a smokin’ offer and it gets better!…

Obviously at this meager amount, most of the bonuses we offered on our webinars cannot be included. However, I feel strongly about giving you every opportunity to succeed. So… I will include the Advanced Curriculum course (a $2,900 value), and just to make this RIDICULOUSLY SIMPLE for you to make a decision, I will also have my staff include the Straddle Trader EA which can help you automatically exit your news trades for maximum gains!

Here’s the catch. Two of them actually.. Once the 50 slots are filled, it’s gone. So you must act immediately. Secondly, if your subscription lapses for ANY reason, to get started again, you will have to register like every other new subscriber and pay the full activation fee, currently $2,770 and scheduled to go up. Just don’t let it lapse, and it’s not a problem. :)

Pretty easy, right? So do NOT procrastinate! This will NOT be repeated, and it is an awesome and powerful tool to put money in your trading accounts month after month, helping you to become financially independent, and that is what you want, right? With the price issue removed, you have the green light to start securing your future as a financially independent FOREX Trader.I am confident that you will become the consistently profitable trader you’ve always wanted to be by taking part in this very low cost OracleTrader promotion. Now go make some money trading!

We also have the Canadian Employment Figures coming out This week, plus the US Non-Farm Payrolls release, both of which usually make us BIG MONEY, so you might be looking at an amazing one/two profit punch with these two news releases!

Non Farm Payroll Release Trading With The Oracle Trader

November 12th, 2010 No comments

Download the Oracle Trader Software that made Dustin Pass a millionaire FREE. This news trading software is the best in the market. You can make hundreds of pips with this software within seconds of the news release. Get these Correlation Trading Cheatsheets FREE. Download the Advent Forex Course by Cecil Robles worth $1,997 FREE. This Friday is your next chance to profit!

Be aware that OracleTrader registration is only open for a few days, then it closes down until next year. Don’t get left out – now is your chance, take it, and make money!

Profiting as an OracleTrader User Too?The OracleTrader top package has seven fantastic bonuses that will not only turn you into an expert news trader, but will make you a FOREX expert, and put solid PROVEN trading strategies under your belt that you can use on non-news release days to make great profits. But time is running out, the clock is ticking, and you must act soon! Everything you need to know can be found here:

You are a sharp trader, and with all the junk that gets promoted out there, it’s natural to want to see PROOF before investing in any FOREX strategy or product. Well this Friday is your chance to make GREAT money with the US Retail Sales news release. If this release is anything like the last week’s releases, you’ll do very well! See the videos of last week’s news releases here:

In the videos, you’ll see the market spike, and watch as Dustin’s software gets him into the trade an instant BEFORE the spike occurs: It’s “classic” Oracle Trader, and when the safe triggers are met, that’s how it usually plays out – profitably! Getting in BEFORE a spike or fast drop feels incredible, and the money ain’t bad either! ;) Watch the videos and it will become very clear to you. Remember that this news release comes out every month, and…

There are 15-20 major news releases that can be profitable with Oracle Trader. And there are hundreds of minor news releases each month, each of which could build the cash in your account if you just take the time to trade them.So watch the videos and get informed. It’s brief, but revealing! Here are some of the comments fom the traders who were in the Profit Center making money along with Dustin at the time, let’s add your name to the list of traders taking profits!..

-Beth J: “Wow”
-Michael P: “31 pips – and out”
-Hoe T: “Out at 40 pips!”
-Marion B: “30 pips on first half, 34 pips on second half!”
-Jeff O: “I got 38 pips closing out manually…”
-Keith N: “48 & 45!”
-Romain T: “Got 42 pips” :-)
-Hidayath M: “+48 pips!”
-BARRY B: “Nice trade!.. I got out at a bad spot but still took about 30 pips or so”
-Beth J: “40 [pips]“
-Romain T: “42 pips”
-LARRY R: “Made 48 pips on one station, 30 on another”
-Winfried: “78 Pips”
-Dave A: “I… took 40 pips”
-ALICE R (brand new subscriber): “Got 49 pips with all my fumbling”

Educational Oracle Trader Webinar By Dustin Pass-How To Trade News Releases?

November 6th, 2010 No comments

Download Oracle Trader Software FREE that made Dustin Pass a millionaire trading news releases. This is demo version of the oracle trader software where you will have to manually execute the trades instead of the software auto executing the trades. Nevertheless, you will get a fair idea of the power and capability of this software by downloading this FREE version. Learn this powerful Fibonacci Retracement method FREE that pulls 500+ pips per trade. Get this highly profitable Magic Breakout Forex Strategy by Tim Trush and Julie Lavrin FREE. Let me show you how to open the door?did you reserve your seat for Thursday’s last chance educational OracleTrader webinar? (2:00 PM EDT or 8:00 PM EDT). If not, here’s the link for this DO NOT MISS EVENT! Because of duplicate orders and some credit card issues with some orders, a couple of slots have opened up, so Dustin Pass and his team have scheduled two FINAL webinars on Thursday, in which he is going to deliver a solid hour of education on a very profitable news trading strategy.

Then he will hold an open-ended Q&A session which is always eye-opening and extremely informative! If you skip this webinar, you will be locked out until Winter at the earliest, and there are some really major news releases fast approaching, which will be a golden opportunity for you to jumpstart your FOREX gains for 2011.

Also, there is a price increase on the way, so NOW is the time, do NOT delay! Imagine starting 2011 with a trading strategy that returns you profits consistently, predictably, and easily… Your 2011 will financially blow the doors off 2010! But you have to attend to make it a reality!

You might have heard that News trading is risky… and IT IS! – but only if you don’t have a KEY PIECE OF SOFTWARE. With the software, trading during major news releases becomes the safest trading in FOREX! Without it, most traders get creamed! How safe is safe? Well, try at least a 100:1 win/loss ratio! If that doesn’t get your attention, nothing will! 100:1 or better! The industry is buzzing with accolades for OracleTrader, which is the software Dustin created himself, and has used every week for almost five years, and he has NEVER had a losing trading month.

That’s why you want to be on the webinar. He will show you the ‘ins-n-outs’ of PROFITABLE news trading. Don’t miss this one. If you are already registered, consider this your reminder to be on the call at all costs. He’s revealing a PROVEN ‘tried and true’ money-maker. If you aren’t registered, this is your final notice, so take advantage!

Right after the last webinars (literally the NEXT DAY) OracleTrader software users reported gains of 30-100 pips, and it may happen again,so make sure you’re there! Don’t forget about the brand new iPad’s he’s handing out on the webinar!

Veteran News Trader Dustin Pass Has 1 Final Webinar-Download Oracle Trader Software FREE!

October 29th, 2010 No comments

Download the Oracle Trader Software FREE that made Dustin Pass a millionaire trading news releases. Get these 3 Swing Trading Systems plus these Correlation Trading Cheatsheets FREE. Veteran news trader has 1 final webinar tomorrow?if you haven’t allowed yourself the privilege of attending the OracleTrader ‘Closer Look’ webinar, this Thursday is your last opportunity to profit from this eye-opening event. Seats are filling fast for this Thursday, so register here immediately:

Why should you attend? Well, most FOREX webinars are “pitchfests”, meaning they are mostly fluff and no actual usable content. Not this one, in which Dustin TEACHES news trading ‘OracleTrader style’, so every trader who attends comes away feeling like a smarter, better trader. I’ve not ever seen a better webinar, delivered in such a straightforward, no-nonsense manner. That’s why you should attend, plus…

They are shutting down OracleTrader registrations, they are ending this webinar, and so by the time they open it up again in the Spring of 2011, the price will have gone up significantly. Get in on the lowest possible price – it’s a small investment in your future that will give you a huge ROI! Here’s your registration link for this fun and exciting free event on Thursday, October 28th:

OracleTrader has an amazing track record, and August and September having numerous great trades that enriched everyone who took part. Now it’s your turn, so don’t let this event get by you! If you still have doubts, check out these comments:

Beth: Dustin, very insightful and will benefit all of those who attend
Juan: Very interesting, full of useful information. Thank you!
Gill: As new to Forex, this is a bit learning curve but I found your webinar very clear & instructive, many thanks!
Helen: Webinar was great. I liked the way you talked facts and didn’t hype it up
Art: I am happy to be on board with you. You are down to earth guys !
El: Thank you for answering the questions so honestly!
George: The webinar was very informative. Cheers!

Register now to avoid regret and disappointment: Don’t forget about the brand new iPad’s he’s handing out on the webinar!

90 minutes of your time will result in better trading for life?Most so called FOREX ‘gurus’ aren’t very good traders. They are usually just fast talkers or slick marketers. You want to learn FOREX from true experts who have a long, successful trading track record, and the best expert I know of is Dustin Pass.

He is the “real deal’, and he just informed me that his team is holding two final live ‘last chance’ Oracle Trader educational webinars this Thursday, which get my highest recommendation.Reserve your seat for one of two LAST CHANCE ‘Closer Look’ webinar Thursday time slots while spaces are still available?if you haven’t allowed yourself the privilege of attending the OracleTrader ‘Closer Look’ webinar, this Thursday is your last opportunity to profit from this eye-opening event. Seats are filling fast for this Thursday, so register here immediately!

Get Dustin’s Personal Swing Trade Strategy With Full Documentation!

October 22nd, 2010 No comments

Download Oracle Trader Software by Dustin Pass FREE. Get this award winning Forex Trading System that made 1,306.50% per month FREE and watch the banned system video. Try this highly profitable FREE Magic Breakout Forex Strategy by Tim Trush and Julie Lavrin. This is a great value, but Dustin’s offer is about to be taken off the table, so make sure you understand how the software works, see the fully documented proof (on video) of its effectiveness, and get all of the details of this stellar offer in which you get an ENTIRE YEAR of OracleTrader and the Profit Center with NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION FEES (they waived $4,428 in fees, which is astounding)! No more excuses, and with their ‘make it work for you’ guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

- Here are the bonuses:

1. 12 months of the OracleTrader Software with AUTOCLICK enabled with
all monthly fees waived
2. The OracleTrader Advanced Curriculum 6 module course so you get fully
trained on how to implement it.
3. 12 full months access to the OracleTrader Profit Center so you can
trade along with Dustin
4. Dustin’s personal Swing Trade Strategy with full documentation to use
on non-news release days!
5. The OracleTrader Trade Manager EA for ‘auto exit’ of your trades
6. The OracleTrader Straddle Trader software and training course!
7. The Trading in the FOREX Market Course by the International Investor
Institute (the best end-to end trading course on the market!)

As you can clearly see, this is a package that doesn’t come along often, and according to Dustin, won’t ever be offered again, so get going today: If the page at that link is no longer available, then my apologies, but they will be taking that page down as soon as they hit their limit of new traders, which is highly likely.

Santa Claus couldn’t do better! Let’s keep this short and sweet, Dustin Pass, the guy I’ve been telling you about is taking his Oracle Trader package off the market soon. The value proposition is so glaringly obvious (15 thousand cash value for under three thousand, I advise EVERYONE, especially you, to get off your duff and take action before it vanishes.This software has the ability to turn anyone – even a financial ‘zero’ into a financial HERO.

Dustin himself went from being a broke, unemployed auto mechanic to FOREX millionaire in no small part due to trading with Oracle Trader – it took him less than 3 years (and I bet you will be starting with much more capital) than he did.It’s simple, effective, proven, ingenuous, and available for pennies on the dollar, but he’s shutting it down soon because of the strict limits he places on the number of new traders that can be accepted.

Even Santa Claus in his prime couldn’t deliver a better value, and NO OTHER software or strategy predicts market direction and timing so easily, and gets you in on trades BEFORE the market spikes. The track record is the most proven and stable record in the industry! This is THE TOP DOG when it comes to highly profitable news trading, so go read every word at the information page here: I signed up as a fully paid member too, so I have my cash and reputation on the line, so you KNOW this information and advice is SOLID! Join Dustin and I here…

Why Is Oracle Trader Software So Hot? Because It Makes Money Consistently!

October 22nd, 2010 No comments

Download the Oracle Trader Software FREE. Watch these FREE Presentations that show the Forex Profit Multiplier 60 SECOND Secret! Master these highly profitable Candlestick Patterns with this FREE 82 page PDF Candlestick Guide. So why is Oracle Trader so hot? Because it makes money consistently! Some people consider it the “Holy Grail” of FOREX because it rarely takes a loss. Imagine trading for over four years without having a losing month – that’s Oracle Trader’s track record!

And it’s not just software, it’s a (professionally produced) eight module video training course which you will get free as part of this limited time offer package. It’s also Dustin Pass’s live Profit Center trade room, in which he personally coaches everyone in the room on how to optimally trade news releases with ease! He is there in the trade room trading his own money, and you get to look over his shoulder, so you can do exactly what he does to make SO MUCH MONEY! Check out this link now while registration is still open:

This is the first time he has opened it to the general public, and because of demand, it is only for a very short time. That’s because the total number of traders who can take part is TIGHTLY CONTROLLED. If you take action now, here’s what you get:

1. 12 months of the Oracle Trader Software with AUTOCLICK enabled (critical for massive gains)

2. The Oracle Trader Advanced Curriculum 8 module course (A $2,900 value!) which teaches you everything you need to know to master this strategy to become wealthy.

3. 12 full months access to the Oracle Trader Profit Center, in which you get Dustin’s personal, live, highly accurate advice on how to ‘massage’ or fine-tune your news trades for maximum profit!

4. Dustin’s personal Swing Trade Strategy with full documentation

5. The Oracle Trader Trade Manager EA for ‘auto exit’ of trades for maximum gains

6. The Oracle Trader Straddle Trader Software and Course! (a nice complement to an already killer strategy)

7. The $4,470 ‘Trading in the FOREX Market’ 16 module Course on video

8. You also get advance notice of the trades so you can get setup with the software in time, and set your deviation triggers optimally!

What will this cost? Nothing, because this is an INVESTMENT, not a COST. If you knew the power of Oracle Trader, you would NEVER think of it as a cost. After all, some OracleTrader users have been members for YEARS – and they wouldn’t give it up for the world! Get the details and join a few hundred very savvy traders on the next live trade which is just days away! The clock is ticking. If you don’t get in this time, it could be next winter before they open up registration again. That’s A LOT of profits to give up, so hurry!

Oracle Trader “Crushing” Offer w/ VERY LIMITED TIME BONUSES?You now have just a few days to register for the killer Oracle Trader package that Dustin Pass has put together for you! More major news releases are coming up and they can make you a very happy camper indeed, but.. you have to take part to profit!.. Carve out 15 minutes NOW to watch the exciting trade videos from last Friday’s major profit sessions. Making money has never looked so easy – see for yourself! You’ll see the fantastic Oracle Trader software and it’s amazing track record, and you’ll see this “crushing” offer! that makes it so easy to get started!

When you look into this, you’ll take part, because you are a smart trader who recognizes VALUE when you see it. This software is a PROFIT GENERATING MACHINE that takes only minutes a day to use (on days when news releases come out). Not only have they reduced the investment amount, but they stacked up bonus after bonus, layering on education, training, trading strategies, and EA’s to further push your trading profits OVER THE TOP (these are strategies you will use on non-news release days to make good money)! But all of the bonuses go away very soon, so visit:

See what all of the excitement is about! This is the largest launch in the history of FOREX because Oracle Trader has the most impressive, verifiable, long-term track-record of consistently returning profits to investors like you. It’s not a robot or an EA. It’s the most elegant piece of software that nets you easy pips every time a news release comes out. They are processing orders as fast as they can, and when capacity is reached, they are shutting the doors. You owe it to yourself to learn all you can about this one-time offer: The clock is ticking. If you don’t get in this time, it could be next winter before they open up registration again, if ever. That’s A LOT of profits to give up, so hurry!

Dustin Pass And His Oracle Trader Software That Made Him A Millionaire

October 19th, 2010 No comments

Download the Oracle Trader Software FREE. Get this 1 Minute Forex Trading System FREE that makes money anytime you want instantly. Learn Correlation Trading with these FREE Cheatsheets. He Was Right – Webinar Replay Link Too! I’ve been telling you about Dustin Pass, and trying to get you to attend his webinars this week because his trading strategy is solid, and his track record is fantastic. His traders make money consistently, and that’s what it’s all about! And sure enough, just this morning, two major trades took place live in his trade room and traders did very well indeed!

and I want you to watch it now because you haven’t missed out on the action and the profits – you can still get in because more major news releases are on the way.In fact each of the next two Fridays has major news releases that historically are very profitable, and making money in seconds (easily) is a great way to start your weekend! So go watch the replay, its 60 minutes of rock-solid education about news trading, how brokers work, why the market moves, how to know when the market is going to move and in what direction, etc.

It’s pretty amazing stuff – and refreshing in an industry that sometimes is too much hype and not enough substance. In contrast, this guy is the real deal and doesn’t pull any punches – he is a wealth of knowledge, so you’ll learn a lot! He also posted the two live trade videos from this morning, along with the webinar replay so you will get a very good feel for what this type of trading looks like, feels like, and how it plays out. And with the webinar replay, you’ll get an education on all of the background facts of why it works in the first place! Here are some comments from his trade room today:

MARTIN S: Took 34 pips – you saved my trading!!
Unknown: 31 pips!
Unknown: 27 pips
Unknown: Dustin got 35 pips and closed out manually
Michael P: Got in 2 seconds before it moved – 27 pips
Unknown: 19 pips
Ben: 20 pips
Unknown: Made 26 pips on half and 22 pips on the other half
Barry B: I made 25 pips

As you can see, it works (week after week)… now take the next step by clicking the links above or below! Oracle Trader registration IS open this weekend, just follow the links in the webinar or on the replay page to take part at an 80% discount! Oh and here are some webinar comments:

- Joyce: AWESOME information, not a waste of time AT ALL!

- Peter A: Very impressed with your webinar, picked up heaps of info.

- Christine L: This has been extremely helpful – not least because it showed me that you can’t play around with this intelligent stuff… Very well presented and honest!

- Alf: I walk away a lot wiser on the Oracle Trader, so now it is on to the welcome email and traders room to try it all out and start on the education part.

- Dean W: Very good webinar. I like it.

- Carol S: Thanks so much for doing this – very informative!

Dustin Pass And His Oracle Trader News Trading Software

September 10th, 2010 No comments

Master these highly profitable Candlestick Patterns with this FREE PDF 82 page Candlestick Guide. Get this Magic Breakout Forex Strategy by Tim Trush and Julie Lavrine FREE. Download the Oracle Trader Software FREE. Dustin Pass on his Oracle Trader News Trading Software: Check out these comments:

[8:31]-David W: I got 75 pips!
[8:31]-Ed H:79 pips in demo 1st time. Great stuff Dustin thank you!!!
[8:31]-Bob G (FREE PACKAGE WINNER): I got +80!
[8:31]-Marion B: 47 pips on 1st half and 67 pips on 2nd half… I believe now!
[8:32]-Richard D: 62 pips!
[8:32]-Scott R: 75 pips
[8:32]-John L: 67pips
[8:32]-Keith J: 87 pips
[8:32]-Padraig F: 62 pips!
[8:32]-Michaela A: 72 to 82 pips on multiple accounts!
[8:33]-Tim H: 56 pips!
[8:33]-Keith J:my first actual trade – felt good
[8:33]-Philip D: I went solely on audio and triggered a small ‘profit’… just trying out – first time
[8:35]-Louis P.H. 99 & 86 pips!
[8:37]-Michael P: 87 pips – great finish to a slow week!
[8:37]-Barry B: took 100 pips on a very small trade
[8:37]-Michael K: in at 111.80 (market spiked 75 pips down in 10 seconds!)
[8:38]-David L: this is great… 100 pips!
[8:40]-Tariq S: closed all at +30
[8:41]-Keith N: 96 pips with safe, 90 medium trigger

Pretty incredible, right?.. And now, we’re poised and ready to take advantage AGAIN on Friday. Luckily for you, it’s NOT too late… take positive steps to IMPROVE your lifestyle so that you don’t have to work so hard in the future – and the best way ever created to do that is by using OracleTrader to rake in profits when the market analysts get it wrong – which is OFTEN! Here’s the Offer once again:

- We’ve waived the access fee and all costs other than the minimum monthly subscription, and we’re including bonuses!

- Download OracleTrader on a monthly subscription basis (cancellable at any time) for two months for a meager $499 (less than $250 per month!), and we’ll throw in the $2,900 Advanced Curriculum Course for FREE!!

- We’ll also throw in the OracleTrader Trade Manager EA, which helps you exit your trades for maximum gains.

THIS OFFER IS TIME SENSITIVE AND EXPIRES THIS FRIDAY NIGHT!You’ve seen the evidence. You’ve heard the testimonials. You’ve seen the PIP totals. …and now, you’ve seen NEW positive results, and MORE positive results are poised to come your way, but not until you take action by signing up at?I know you want to do this! So what is stopping you?

Fear? Doubt? Inertia? Well today is a NEW DAY, and a better future begins when you become a smarter, better, more consistent trader, and that is EXACTLY why I created OracleTrader. Remember, to take advantage of this offer, we need two things from you in return: First, we want a testimonial when you profit. Second, we need you to not share the details of this select offer with other traders as it is NOT available to everyone. You are being allowed access on the condition that you not mention to fellow OracleTrader subscribers that we have waived the annual activation fee.


September 1st, 2010 No comments

Get a FREE COPY of the Oracle Trader just now. Master these highly profitable Candlestick Patterns with this FREE 82 page PDF Candlestick Guide. Get a glimpse of Forex Bulletproof that did not have a loss in 2,300+ days 4,000 line source code!Dustin Pass: OracleTrader OPEN SPOTS ANNOUNCEMENT! OK, it looks like we have about a dozen spots available because of duplicate transactions and other issues. These will go fast! Act now here: That is a link to our secure registration server which is online for a few hours. Once the 12 slots are filled, we will take down the page again. To refresh your memory, here is the package that is available:

1. 12 months of the OracleTrader Software with AUTOCLICK enabled (critical for massive gains)

2. The OracleTrader Advanced Curriculum 8 module course (a $2,900 value!) which teaches you everything you need to know to master this strategy to become wealthy.

3. 12 full months of access to the OracleTrader Profit Center, in which you get my personal, live, highly accurate advice on how to fine-tune your news trades for maximum profit!

4. The OracleTrader Trade Manager EA for ‘auto exit’ of trades for maximum gains

5. The OracleTrader Straddle Trader EA Software and Course! (a nice complement to an already killer strategy)

6. The $4,470 ‘Trading in the FOREX Market’ 16 module Course on video – FREE

7. Advance email notice of the trades so you can get setup with the software in time, and set your deviation triggers optimally!

If you get to the registration page and find that it is closed, then my apologies but we have to process registrations on a first-come, first-served basis! Hurry! Just to be clear, this package is all inclusive. There are NO OTHER CHARGES for an entire year! The winners are… I am excited to inform you of our winners. Was it you? Before I reveal who won our video contest and the Free OracleTrader Package winner from the “Last Chance’ webinar, here’s a super-quick
heads up:

Last Thursday I closed down registration for OracleTrader because we easily hit our max number of new registrations, BUT..we had some duplicate orders and some credit card declines (which really isn’t unusual in a big product launch) – so we may have a few spots opening up…If this happens, you will be notified tomorrow. If you get an email announcing slots, be prepared to act fast because they will probably filled within an hour or two! Consider this a friendly “heads-up” note… so be on the lookout! OK, now… here are the winners!…

The winner of the full OracleTrader package from the ‘last chance’ webinars is (drumroll, please)… Nancy Billiingslea!

Congratulations Nancy!

And last but not least, the winner of the OracleTrader testimonial video contest by an overwhelming margin was…

Bob Short’s video! (Video #4)! Congratulations, Bob – you get an entire year of OracleTrader access FREE! Thank you for everyone who participated in the webinars, the video contest, and especially those of you who took action to registered for OracleTrader! If you couldn’t register before it close, keep your eyes open in case we do release some spots, as mentioned above!