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Get A Copy Of The Rover North Forex System That Makes 122.11% Per Month At No Cost

February 1st, 2011 No comments

Get a copy of the Rover North Forex System at no cost. Learn this powerful Fibonacci Retracement Method FREE that pulls 500+ pips per trade. Download this cutting edge Trader Swiper Software by Bob Iaccino FREE. The most recent Surefire Trading Challenge saw something rather unexpected. A graphic design artist went through the demo round and then took FIRST PLACE in the live round after DOUBLING his account! He goes by the name “Rover North”. Check out this video?We don’t want to spoil the video by telling you too much, but Rover North explains that he wouldn’t have found what he did in the charts ? if it weren’t for his background in art!

Now, as you know, Mark doesn’t put his weight behind just anything. It looks like they’ve found something truly exceptional in the Rover North system. Bounce your way down to the site and check it out. Oh, and before we forget?just for taking the time to visit, they’re such nice guys that they’re giving you a free indicator that they developed in-house. It’s a good one! You probably can’t find this anywhere else.

Also?If you leave a comment on their site, you’ll be in line to receive a copy of the Rover North system at ZERO charge (if your comment is selected of course) AND (They’re really taking no prisoners on this one!) If you spread the word about the Rover North system to 3 people, you’ll get one of the winning systems from the Surefire Trading Challenge immediately! This is going to be huge! All roads lead to Rover North?This guy just went from being a relative unknown ? to a world famous rock star in the forex world!

Mark McRae: The only way to know with absolute certainty if a trading system works or not, is to put it to the test in real market conditions. Virtually no one does this, because their systems don’t work and marketers would have nothing to sell.That’s until now…The Rover North Forex Trading System was tested on both demo and live trading accounts in full view of the public.

Login For Yourself

The Rover North Forex System beat over 1290 other traders to win one of the top trading competition. Not only that, he did it in full view of anyone who wanted to watch. That’s why he has no hesitation in allowing anyone who want to look at his accounts access to his accounts. You can login and verify his results?You will be able to see how his system performed with detailed analysis and statistics. You can also check out each and every trade that was made on his accounts during the competition.

There are too many bogus systems out there pretending to be something they are not. This sort of transparency is how it should be done. The decision is whether this is right before you, not whether it’s a scam or not. For the past 2 years, we’ve dedicated all our resources to finding the BEST trading systems in the world. We’ve made it our mission to put these trading systems in the hands of the traders that need them the most!

STOP….. Apple Ipad…Read on..The Rover North Forex System is the winner of our most gruelling competition ever. To celebrate the release, we are going to award complimentary copies of the system plus an Apple Ipad to the person who makes the best comment?Have you every seen another Forex system that actively encouraged people to examine their trading account and gave you their investor password? This is the real deal.

Full statements of results and detailed analysis on the performance of the Rover North Forex System are available?You will also find the investor passwords for both the demo and live account of the Rover North System there. Remember, if you want the Apple Ipad, go here?

Rover North Forex System

January 30th, 2011 No comments

Try the Rover North Forex System RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account. Download these 3 Swing Trading Systems FREE. Learn this powerful Fibonacci Retracement Method FREE that pulls 500+ pips per trade. The word is that this system is so powerful and so easy to use?.so EASY to learn?it’s going to make trading more accessible than any system before it! Maybe it’s too early to tell, but I think Mark and his Surefire Trading Challenge Team have discovered another great trader! And believe me, this isn’t the first time! They’ve been running this competition for a VERY long time now and some really big names have come out of it.

The name of the game is TRANSPARENCY?and that’s why we’re getting this level of proof today! It wasn’t hard to dig up this proof because if you’ve been monitoring the contest all this time, it was all available right from the very beginning. Check it out, trade for trade. This is REAL! If you missed any of the complimentary items from yesterday, you can still get the indicator and the winning system from SFTC V3 ? AS WELL as your chance to the win the Apple IPAD and a copy of Rover North ? right here:

Yesterday you saw the story of Rover North, but today?you’re going to see exactly how Rover North decimated the competition and took home the prize?check this out: The Surefire Trading Challenge has always been the most transparent trading competition in the business, but this time they’ve gone above and beyond the call of proof! Everyone knows by now that Account Investor Password Access is the pinnacle of Forex Proof!

But the amount of data that these guys are throwing at us is just unprecedented! Rover North is already being touted as the easiest, most consistent and profitable system that traders have seen in years! Today you’re getting:

** Account Investor Password Access for Rover North’s demo round

** Account Investor Password Access for Rover North’s LIVE round

** Demo Round Equity Curve and Account Statement

** LIVE Round Equity Curve and Account Statement


You can see the Leader Board for both rounds to see where Rover North placed in relation to the other contestants. If you take a look at the Leader Board for the Live round, you’ll see that Rover North left everyone in the dust by the time it was over.

Like we said, Mark has always had a talent for finding these guys! This is the most transparent trading environment you’ll ever see because NO ONE does it like the SFTC team! In fact, look at the guys qualifying for the live round?see where their demo accounts ended and then look at where their live accounts ended. If you wanted to make things look good, you’d doctor that Leader Board?but what you’re seeing is exactly the way it went down. 100%…By the way, you can still get all the stuff that was available yesterday if you haven’t grabbed them yet. There’s something big coming up tomorrow – stay tuned!